Ubud Corner 88 Villa with Organic Vegan Cuisine, Ubud BaliAmrita Restaurant

Our Amrita Restaurant is an Organic Vegan Cuisine open air at Ubud Corner 88 Villas Ubud Bali, with touches of natural design, refined ambience, and stunning views, as one of an eco-luxurious restaurant in Ubud Bali offers an experience unlike any.

The seasonal menu incorporates the freshest local and organic ingredients aimed to nurture body, mind and soul. Prepare for a gastronomical journey featuring 100% Vegan and organic International cuisine sure to surprise and delight all. The restaurant also offer a juice bar that prepares freshly squeezed fruits and detox juice.

By the purity of food one becomes pure in mind; by the purification of mind one verily get remembrance of their own Divinity; and by the attainment of the memory of the Divine Within all which produces sorrow is severed.

Chandogya Upanisha

We source as much organic produce as we can, to support the local farmers who help keep Bali pure for future generations. Our menu is about 70 80% organic and we use as many whole grains, healthy oils and natural sugars as possible. Our menu is largely gluten-free and dairy free.

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